Sunday, 22 June 2008


If you're wondering what I was up to last week when I was too busy to blog, here are three of the cakes I made for the wedding of an acquaintance.

First, one of two Carrot cakes (with crushed pineapple in) - this one has a cream cheese icing. I left the other one plain.

This is one of two chocolate cakes - this one topped with choc. butter icing, a crumbled Flake bar and After Eight mints.

The one my son will never forgive me for not having ever made for US at home (something I must remedy. Stuffed with double cream and strawberries, and topped with double cream, and a crumbled Flake bar. Yum!

I ended up making, apart from the above: a Coffee cake (the first and last I shall EVER make!); about 45 plain scones (together with home-made strawberry jam and extra thick double cream for the filling at table); 25 pear scones; 45 iced and sprinkled fancy buns; a dozen Last Rollo chocolate buns; a dozen white chocolate and walnut muffins; 30 jam tarts (home-made jam); a tray bake of chocolate blackberry brownies; 30 apricot and coconut balls; and 2 Lemon Drizzle cakes. I think that’s it. Oh and two pots of home-made strawberry jam. I’m all baked out, and will never be QUITE so rash ever again!


Persuaded said...

ok, i guess i'll daily pop on here just to ask you for an interpretation, lol!

what are "flake bars?"

and my-oh-my those cakes look soooo delish! i love the chocolate mints arranged atop the cake especially.

Bovey Belle said...

Flake Bars are made by Cadburys and can best be described as shards of chocolate held together in a bar . . . does that make sense?

Lovely to see you again, by the way : )

Kelli said...

Oh my! I want to try them all! LOL You did a wonderful job!

Goosey said...

These cakes look wonderful..and you must have been very busy. How did you do the carrot and pineapple cake..did you just add some crushed pineapple randomly or was it a whole tin. i fancy trying that one.
BW Goosey.

Bovey Belle said...

Goosey - I will look out the recipe for you and post it. The crushed pineapple makes the cake really moist.

Kim said...

Your cakes look Heavenly, BB. I wish I lived closer :)

Kim x

Mrs.T said...

They look just beautiful, Jennie! Not to mention delicious... especially that one with the strawberries. You are so creative!

Mam said...

Wowie! Looks wunderbar! Now I'll have to go get a snack. I didn't have any dessert!

Bovey Belle said...

I must confess, i'm all "baked out" now, but will do that choc and strawberries cake when my eldest daughter comes home, though middle daughter will moan because she doesn't like cream OR strawberries and my husband won't touch a crumb of it because it's "too sweet". I will probably creep down and have a piece for breakfast, because that's what I do with the Chocolate Roulade I make at Christmas!