Saturday, 7 June 2008


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Itsy was the start of my return to horses after a break of several years. She was given to us by a local lady, and had been rescued from the "killing pen" at the local horse sale. She was unhandled and pin toed and thin from being bullied away from her food by a much bigger cob. We have had her 7 years now and she will be 9 in August. She is a Section C Welsh mare.

We haven't done much with her as she was always meant to be just a companion, but she has been backed, bitted, lunged and long-reined and when my daughters were at home, she had some outings. Now she is having outings again with me as she too will need to find a new home this year. She is well-behaved, though she hasn't seen much traffic. Fortunately our lanes are fairly quiet.

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