Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Another lovely evening walk

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First thing this morning, even before breakfast, I decided I would tidy my dry store kitchen cupboard, as it was in a mess and I couldn't find anything. It didn't take anything long as I expected, and I put the opened bags of this and that in glass containers where they fitted, and stuff like cous-cous and beans, in the old earthenware containers I bought at auction when we were still in Dorset. We used to buy the cork stoppers in a little winemaking shop in Blandford. They were my sole storage containers for many years. You can see one on the 2nd shelf down. It was a job well done - and long overdue doing too!

Here's another job which had been calling me for a loooooooong while. My rockery. Except it was barely recognisable as a rockery, as it was overgrown, full of bits of broken dead rose-twigs and leaves, and the only plants in it were wild Umbellifers! An afternoon's work and some fresh rockery plants have transformed it, though there's still some tidying up needed right at the back.

I made some bread dough earlier, and whilst it was proving, I had a lovely walk up our hill again. I was out for nearly an hour, though I had only planned to walk to the top of the hill and back. It is such a lovely evening that I kept on walking though, and cut back across the fields.

A view I never tire of - looking East towards Black Mountain (the last of the Carmarthen Fans, which we climbed recently).

Looking towards the Towy Valley.

A neighbouring farmhouse, an old early Georgian house with a Norman motte and bailey behind it. The Normans would have doubtless used it as a hunting lodge a thousand years ago.

My friend the bat-eared cow again, back on her way to the field after milking.


Goosey said...

Nice walk you did by the looks of your pictures, it was such a nice day yesterday. I have alot of those earthenware containers but I didn't know you could get a cork lid for them, I might try to get some from Blandford if they are still there.

Mam said...

Jennie, Hope all is well. My daughter, Nita and I looked at this post together last night, but I didn't leave a comment I guess. That's because we got side-tracked into examining your posts and photos all the way back to almost the beginning. We are just enthralled by your home, lifestyle and the surrounding beautiful landscapes.