Sunday, 8 June 2008

Marking time . . .

This is the cloud clothing the valley as I crossed Llanllwni mynydd this morning around 6.30 a.m. Then I had to drive down into it!

I hope I am forgiven for "marking time" this week. I am all at 6's and 7's, with one thing and another. I have found parting with my horse extremely difficult and emotional and the only way I can cope is to keep very busy, which I have done. Hopefully next week I will be back on an even keel again.

Today was a Car Boot Sale day, trying to have a clear-out of my china and book collections, and horsey stuff no longer needed. I treated us to chunky chops from wild boar x Tamworth pigs for our evening meal, and very good they were too. I prefer to pay a farm shop stall at the car boot sale for quality meat than to buy inferior (tasteless) meat at the supermarket. These were WONDERFUL and I shall be getting more meat from this particular farm shop. The money goes to support local farmers too, not giant conglomerates. I stopped at a small (local) nursery on the way home too, and bought some Snapdragons, a Delphinium, another Verbascum and a scarlet Geum (Mrs Bradshaw) for the garden. Cheaper by far than Wyevale and I prefer to support local traders.

I have an Archaeological Dig to look forward to this summer anyway, as there is going to be another Dig at Llandeilo. Last time we dug the Roman Fort; this time we are in the grounds of Newton House, looking for the lost English and Welsh towns occupied throughout the 14th and 15th centuries. I plan to try and do all three weeks; my eldest daughter the last 10 days because she will be up at Uni until early July.


LBP said...

Hi Jennie,

Is there a secret to growing verbascum? I have planted three and while they haven't died, they aren't growing. How cool to go on a dig! I would love to do that.



Bovey Belle said...

I buy mine well-grown from Nurseries Linda, and just bung 'em in and tend to forget about them, apart from watering. I fancy growing lots more next year, so am going to look for seeds when I am out. Mine are in the part of the garden which gets the sunshine late afternoon and that seems to suit them. Perhaps a habitat of dappled shade is best for them?

I am looking forward to the Dig, but not sure whether to just volunteer for Small Finds this year, rather than active digging . . .