Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The beginning of the end

Fahal (Fahly)

My darling boy Fahly goes to his new home today. It's a fabulous home, lovely lady, but my heart is breaking all the same. I thought he would be with me forever, but circumstances have changed and when we downsize we are unlikely to be buying another place with land. Maggie goes up to Scotland shortly, when she comes back from her loan home. Just little Itsy to find a home for now.


Greentwinsmummy said...

I hadnt seen a photo I dont think before BB,gosh hes handsome x enormous hugs to you,its very hard making the right decision sometimes,you know its the way forward but it hurts just the same,I was the same when we sold our old house x You feel you will never smile again when you are deep in sobs yet I promise you will.
Thinking of you x x x x

Leanne said...

no one can say anything to ease this pain for you Jennie, but just be comforted by knowing we are all thinking of you,

Leanne x

Pixiedust said...

Big Hugs Jennie, it must be tough, but I know you'll get through it. xxxxx

Rowan said...

I'm so glad that you have found a really good home for Fahly - at least it's done now so the worst bit is over. Time will heal the pain of losing him eventually. (((((Hugs))))

Goosey said...

So sad to be saying goodbye to him, glad he is going somewhere to someone who will care for him well. BW Goosey

LBP said...

What a beautiful horse! I feel your loss. Pets can become as close as our own children sometimes. Perhaps you will be able to visit hiim at his new home.



Mam and Lizi said...

He's a handsome fellow! I know there's nothing I can say to make it better.
Love, Nancy