Tuesday, 24 June 2008

A walk to the pond

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I felt a need to get away last night, so I walked down the farm track and went and sat by the pond. It is a man-made one, excavated by the farmer for the chaps who have the shoot on his land (though I dare say there must have been a grant to to it in the first place, or he wouldn't have bothered). It was so beautiful and peaceful - just the sound of Coots and Moorhens in the reeds, though I couldn't see them. A Heron rose up out of the water as I approached. I sat on a log and meditated and took LOTS of photos. Here are just a few.

Foxgloves were almost luminescent against the setting sun.

Looking across the valley. On the top of the hill above the gorse you may just be able to see the banks of the old Iron Age hillfort.

Thistle and I think, Water Dropwort, by a small stream.

The pond was so peaceful.

More foxgloves and spagnum moss.

Looking up the valley across the pond.

A view in the opposite direction.

Walking home, the cows had been milked and were grazing the lengthening shadows.


Goosey said...

What a lovely walk, I'd have liked to have been there too!BW Goosey

Mam said...

How very beautiful, Jennie. Thank you for sharing your walk.