Sunday, 15 June 2008

A Curious Case . . .

This is Carew Castle, which I visited recently with my son. (Click to enlarge). I'll try and write about it tomorrow.
I bought a little book called "What the Countryman Wants to Know" recently. It was published in 1948. There are lots of interesting facts about birds, and a few at the end about insects and butterflies.

"During the World War which began in 1939, an unusual incident occurred at Crookes, Sheffield. The occupants of a house, upon entering the yard after dark, thought, at first, that an incendiary bomb had fallen there, for one corner was brilliantly illuminated. Investigation showed that the light was caused by glow-worms. The insects reappeared at the same place on the following night: but were not seen again afterwards. The premises are in the vicinity of waste land and allotments."

I've only seen glow-worms once, along a stretch of the long-abandoned (thanks to Dr Beeching) S&D railway (Somerset and Dorset) near Sturminster Marshall. They were quite magical. I don't think we have them in this neck of the woods - but then, I've never gone out looking!


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen glow worms; they must be quite an amazing sight :)

elizabethm said...

thanks for your comment on mine. the chicks are still going! the pictures from garden suggest you are growing almost exactly what it is mine, with the exception of the climbing rose which I might try. Rugosa roses are all right up here but most of them are not tough enough to cope with the height and wind and stony soil.

Mam said...

That is a beautiful castle and a beautiful shot. It looks as though some of the windows are intact. Can't wait.
what is a glow worm. We have fireflies only.

Rowan said...

I'm amazed to hear that there have been glow worms in Sheffield especially Crookes which is very built up and urban, of course in the War years it may have been different. The only time I've ever seen glow worms was in New England, they are a lovely sight.

Bovey Belle said...

Rowan - perhaps there were more patches of rough land still about in Crookes? The yards are there just the same I'm sure. I don't know what draws the glow-worms - need to read up on them.

Nancy - I think glow-worms are the same as your fireflies, just our English name for them.

Elizabethm - we're probably a few hundred feet lower than you, but the dampness does for Hollyhocks, and we get canker on the fruit trees, and some of the roses don't thrive. But then some really DO do well!

Mara - I've just seen them the once, but they were so pretty.