Saturday, 28 June 2008

Mini meme

(Click to enlarge) On the way to Machynlleth yesterday:

Nancy has tagged me for this, so here we go:

  • Where I was 10 years ago:… here, in Carmarthenshire, still doing up our rambling old farmhouse. My mum had moved in with us two years earlier; I had lots of poultry and was in the 2nd year of my Archaeology degree at Lampeter University.

  • 5 things on my to-do list today: Try to stay awake past teatime!; make a final batch of Elderflower Champagne; do the veg to go with our evening meal (the other half of Friday's Lamb Cobbler); take Itsy-pony out for a walk; do some weeding in the veg. plot.

  • Snack Food I like: oh dear - CRISPS; Peanuts; yoghurt-covered blueberries.

  • If I were a billionaire I would: Help several friends of mine who have struggled in life and deserve some luck; give a large amount to Lluest Horse & Pony Trust to support them for life; set up trust funds for our children; buy a farmhouse in the middle of Dartmoor for me and a Bastle on Hadrian's Wall which is my husband's dream home!

  • Places I have Lived: Hampshire; Dorset; Carmarthenshire.
I won't tag anyone, but if you want to join in, feel free.

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