Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Smallholders' Show at Builth - Part 2

(Click on photos to enlarge)

I don't know what breed this sheep was, but its fleece had been carefully trimmed, leaving it flat as a table top!

Cute or what?

A magnificent set of horns (or 2) on this Jacob ram.

A pair of dainty Balwen.

Magnificent vegetables (my onions never get that big!)

My favourite display - the Dig For Victory garden - the two next photos are different views of it.

I loved this recreation - complete with the old loo at the bottom of it! Lots of my favourite cottage garden flowers.

Part of the same garden, just a different view. I have two old Belfast sinks like that in my garden - one has Marjoram in it, and the other spring bulbs, and now some Petunias and Nasturtiums.

There were stunning displays.

These insectiverous plants are a long way from the little Sundews I used to tease with a stalk of grass when I was a kid.

There were several craftsmen's stalls specializing in turned and carved wood.

Much bigger bits of trees had been used for these wonderful carvings.

In the background is the Mari Llwyd (seperate posting about that later on), with a couple from the folk party from Cornwall. Had I gone on the Saturday, I would have been able to see Appalachian Clog Dancers (Nancy, I was miffed about that!)

This was one of the gelded Alpacas.

There is always a good display of tractors there. This old Fergie used to belong to Barbara's husband, and has now been restored to show condition.


Pixiedust said...

More lovely pics. Seems like a great day out. Hubby loves tractors and I think we'd both enjoy ourselves if we went. The nearest thing we have around here is the New Forest Show, or the shows at Broadlands near Romsey.

hen said...

that looks absolutely fantastic! I'm gutted I missed the show. Next year I'll definitely be going!!


MammyT said...

It all looks like such wonderful fun. I like the wood things. In Alaska, there were people who did that with chainsaws (imagine that) who could make the most intricate and beautiful things you would not believe.
The vegetable display was beautiful. do people grow tomatoes out of doors or in a greenhouse? In Alaska we always had to use the greenhouse.
Thanks for taking me to the "fair".

Bovey Belle said...

Nancy - I've seen the chain saw carving at the New Forest show one year (snap Pixiedust!) - they just made little chairs though.

We have two divisions of tomatoes - indoor and outdoor. I have some indoor ones in my little tomato "polytunnel" and some more coming on in the seed stack, along with outdoor ones. Ditto cucumbers.

hen - you'll LOVE it!

LBP said...

What great pictures! The secret to growing big onions is to pull the dirt away from them so that just the root is in the ground! I have grown onions that are as large as a softball like that!

Bovey Belle said...

Once mine have their roots down properly (and the birds leave them alone!) I shall try that then Linda. Thanks.

hatty said...

ah a massey ferguson!!! i learned to drive in one o them, many years ago. explains a lot about my driving!! lol
amor mundi
hatty :)