Monday, 26 May 2008

Chutney, Biccies and Spinning Jennie

Here is the batch of Mango Chutney I made yesterday. It turned out a little darker than usual as I used Demerara Sugar, but it texture was good and it will be splendid with a chicken curry.

Here are the Double Chocolate Chip cookies I made this morning for my son. Double only because they had both white chocolate and milk chocolate in them, as I had half a bar of the milk choc. going begging too.

This is the Jacob fleece I bought at the Smallholders' Show. It is crammed into that black bin liner, so a good few hours' work there.

I was combing the worst of the tangles and bits out of the fleece whilst my biccies were in the oven. I don't like to sit idle, and couldn't really leave the room. "Before" combing at the back . . .

This is my Ashford wheel, which I bought 2nd hand at the end of the Spinning Course I did (last year - or was it the year before?) You get some idea of how dark our house is in the winter - this is with two overhead lights on (low energy bulbs admittedly) AND the flash from the camera!

This is where all cats reckon they should be on a day like today - whilst not raining yet, it is blowing a hooley still and NOT nice outside. This is Gypsy, who turned up on our doorstep as a stray. This cushion on the top of the coffer, just outside my office door, is her idea of pussy cat heaven.

Now, if I can find my beeswax, I am going to make some home-made polish this afternoon. I may be gone some time . . .


hen said...

Ooooh! Enjoy your spinning. I'd love an Ashford wheel. How long does it take you spin a whole bin bag full of wool?

Kelli said...

How fun to have a spinning wheel, Jennie! Your jam and cookies look delicious and that is one smart kitty curled up like that. :0)

Bovey Belle said...

I've never spun a whole bag from start to finish hen, but the lady who was teaching our spinning course reckoned on 28 hours (that was her, very skillful). I should imagine double that time for little old me!

Kelli - she's not daft - always knows the best place to be and what time meals are served!