Thursday, 8 May 2008

Frocester Hill

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Above is the 16th Century gatehouse and courthouse at Frocester Court.

On the way homewards from Badminton, Jude and I stopped at Frocester Hill (one of her favourite haunts from childhood, as she lived at the bottom of it). Last year we had a wonderful milky heat-haze which made for fabulous photos. This year it was clear, so I have sharper views.

Looking across the River Severn towards Wales.

Down the Severn a bit to the South.

The remains of a Cotwold-Severn style chambered burial chamber. This one is Nympsfield.

Cowslips as they should be seen., growing wild.

Frocester Tithe Barn. This dates from the late 13th century, though the roof timbers date from 1525.


LBP said...

As always, such beautiful photos! When you mention Badminton I always think to the game of badminton and not the place!



MammyT said...

I love these photos. Especially the last two. That barn is beautiful. The blue haze reminds me of industrial smog. I hope it's not! Ive never seen a cowslip before! Read about them.

Bovey Belle said...

I think the blue haze bit on the horizon is just the Wales the other side of the Severn, and a gradual fading into the blueness of distance.