Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Badminton Horse Trials

Jude and I went on X-Country day. I've been to watch the dressage in the past, and also to watch the show jumping, but I have to say that the X-country is by far the best day. In my youth, we would walk the course one way, and then turn round and walk back the other way, before going to the tented section to get tempted by all that's on offer! Jude and I do the shopping part first then walked part of the course, had our picnic lunch, and then walked the 2nd half, and ended up back in the shopping area. I was very abstemious and only bought two bottles of excellent Argentinian white wine and a small Victorian book by Richard Jeffries (Wildlife in a Southern County).

Anyway, here are a few of the horses and riders in action. Double click to enlarge, as usual.

Loved this dun horse - I'd have taken him home like a shot! Riders from the local hunt were on hand to escort competitors home who had retired or had a fall.

Next postings will be views from Frocester Hill (Glos) and then Goodrich Castle.


arlene said...

Loved seeing the beautiful horses in their element!

MammyT said...

You got some beautiful shots of the jumping. On that first one, is she really jumping as wide a barrier as it looks. Looks impossible from here.

Bovey Belle said...

Oh yes Nancy - it really was that huge, but it jumped really well. Some of the more innocuous looking fences had their victims though!