Saturday, 24 May 2008

I like a challenge . . .

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This is my husband with the slasher, tackling the brambles t'other side of my veg plot. As you can see, he had his work cut out. Nature likes to reclaim her own. Unfortunately he unearthed a pile of junk beneath the brambles, so that needs taking to the tip. The fennel in the foreground is self-seeded and it's just as well as the ooooooooold fennel in the raised herb bed snuffed it over the winter. It had been there about 10 years though.

This is the tidy bit of my veg plot, and a soft fruit bed. The grass is about to be hoiked out though.

This is the "intake" part of the veg. plot where I extended last summer and grew beans and courgettes. As you can see, nature reclaims her own so it is back to mattock gardening for me. Sigh.

As you can see, I do mattock gardening very well. This was where some more beans will go again this year when I've totally cleared the area.

Here in the gravelled garden, I at least stand a sporting chance. To the left, in front ofthe stable door into the utility room, is a wildlife pond. I planned this part of the garden for years before it happened - I cut a picture from a gardening magazine and had it pinned on the fridge door as my inspiration.

Aquilegias are some of my favourite flowers.

I have singles and doubles in all sorts of colours.

This sort remind me of the skirts of Crinoline ladies . . .

This is part of the new planting in an extension of the main border. Some verbascum here, with Delphiniums behind them.


arlene said... are a REAL WOMAN doing that mattock gardening.My parents always have a big garden but they have a tractor to do the digging. Love all your flowers!

Bovey Belle said...

Jennie takes a bow . . .

Kelli said...

You both have been busy! Your flowers are so beautiful...the perfect reward!