Saturday, 31 May 2008

Cothi Bridge Show Part I

(Click on photos to enlarge).

This is our local show and I always try to go each year. I took LOADS of photos, but won't bore you with 60 + of them! Here are a selected few, just to give you a flavour of the day.
I had a wander round the craft tent, but before I could see it all, the judging started. Here is part of the needlecraft section.

Here is just one part of the children's class for animal made from a vegetable! These made me smile.

I took a quick photo of the flower displays on my way out.

Up at the top end of the showground were the sheep and cattle classes. Here is a splendid Jersey cow (how she walked with SUCH a full udder I don't know! If my memory serves me rightly, I think her colour may be called Mulberry - the deepest Mulberry is black, but I think it ranges through grey too. A change from the usual golden Jerseys though.

One of the beef breeds - I don't know which one but it has a blackside like a Belgian Blue or Limousin, only the colour's wrong!

Children showing a fine trio (look a bit like Suffolks to me).

I know that these gorgeous sheep are Hampshire Downs as I spent some time talking to their owner.

A cracking ewe, though I don't know the breed.

The initial line-up for the ridden Section C Welsh class.

One of the entrants for the ridden Shetland Pony classes with his very smart mum.

How's that for action? What all the Welsh Cob enthusiasts at the ringside come to see!

One of the entrants for the coloured classes. LOTS of feather, but personally I'm an Arab fan . . .

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