Wednesday, 28 January 2009

On the beach . . .

Looking across to the Gower Peninsula. The tide was out so far you could almost have walked all the way across.

I visited a friend today and as the sun was out, we thought we would take the dogs to the beach at Pembrey. I can't remember the last time we were at Pembrey - a couple of summers ago I think. It was one of those serendipitous days - just magic. I have NEVER seen the tide out so far - we walked out for about 3/4 mile and the 4x4s of the cockle pickers were out about a mile further than us. They must know the tides like the back of their hand - I wouldn't feel safe out that far when the tide turned.

This is her rescue greyhound having a hurtle.

We met up with this couple, their rescue greyhound and their family of Wolfhounds.

My friend with her happy dogs. You would not believe quite how MUCH beach there was today!

Ears flapping in the breeze, we lose a hound as he spots a potential friend!

The dunes are clad with marram grass and low-growing shrubs. In the summer, there are masses of little wild Violas, and Evening Primrose and many other wild flowers which tolerate poor - and dry - sandy soil. A good place for the Blue family of butterflies too.


Slice of life said...

what a beautiful day you had! Lovely pictures, by the way, thanks for sharing.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

It looks lovely and peaceful.
Love the pictures of the cavorting dogs.
We are suffering through a record breaking heatwave at the present and have had days on end of 40 degrees and then yesterday 44 degrees (104-106???)
What I would give to feel the cool sea breeze on my face...Ahhhhh

Bovey Belle said...

Cupcakes - I just couldn't cope with extreme heat like that (all things in moderation - 75 deg. F is just right for me). You'd have enjoyed yesterday, that's for sure.

Slice of Life - it really was one of those special days, because I didn't expect to go to the beach and the sun was a real bonus.

nancy said...

gosh, Haven't had time to come by much. This is a gorgeous and wonderful post, altogether! Have enjoyed it so much.