Saturday, 10 January 2009

Celebrating our anniversary

Our favourite local castle, Dryslwyn, looking romantic in the morning mist. These will all enlarge if clicked on.

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated 21 years of marriage. So much for the friend who helpfully told me "I'll give it two years."!!!

We had a free pass to get into Margam Antiques Fair (by friends who have a stand there regularly) and it so happens that they were the witnesses at our wedding, so it was very apt. We swopped gifts - she to me, empty jam jars (perfect!) and me to them, half a dozen Blueberry Muffins and some chutney. We had a good natter and a walk around the fair, and much wishing we had some money to spend at our friends' stand, as they sell what we would like in our house!

On the way home we stopped off at Borders to collect our son, who we'd picked up following his AS level exam at school and who wanted to be let loose in Borders for a while (who can blame him?) We had a browse too, and I couldn't resist a much-reduced calendar for each daughter - I'm happy to pay £2 each but no way am I going to pay £9.99 each - and because I hardly ever get down there, I bought two sewing/craft magazines, Stitches and an American one, Belle Armoire I think it is, which had some stunning ideas in.

Isn't this gorgeous? Common-sense, no pretentions, and I believe, Yorkshire in origin.

This is an Irish knobkerry. With just such a knobkerry my husband's probable ancestors once belaboured the much-hated English governor of the Isle of Man around the kirkyard. I daresay the expression "giving him stick" derived from this sort of behaviour!

This late Elizabethan (I think) chest with its wonderful inlay and fabulous carving is just the sort of thing we would love, but lacked the necessary moolah!

Isn't this little much-mended Welsh skillet gorgeous? How I'd love to have brought that one home.

One of the carvings on offer. I have already forgotten the story behind her, but she is stroking a lion's head to sooth his brow and holding the returned dove. I think it is to do with the allegory of Peace.


Arlene Grimm said...

Happy Anniversary much for predictions!! Looks like you had a grand day.

Tea with Willow said...

Congratulations on your anniversary BB ... we celebrate 20yrs this August! It sounds as though you had a lovely day - I love that Elizabethan chest - oh, for an endless supply of dosh!
Willow x

. said...

Congratulations. Happy aniversary.


Rowan said...

I love the photo of Dryslwyn, it's very atmospheric. That Elizabethan chest is wonderful, I'd love to own something like that but don't think it's going to happen somehow!

Bovey Belle said...

Thanks everyone for the anniversary wishes, including Alfazema (lovely to see a new face).

Our friends had much the nicest stand at the Fair (but then we are a tiny bit biased!) and always have some really interesting pieces of furniture, some of them with quite a history.

nancy said...

Happy Anniversary from an "old face"! Lovely artifacts here. We Irish sure come up with some vicious weapons don't we! Knobkerrie is such a cute little name. Very deceiving.