Sunday, 11 January 2009

Mutterings . . .

One of the little lanes leading to Dryslwyn Castle.

And looking back along it.

I am glad to announce that the normal Welsh Winter has returned to roost - warm, wet with Westerly winds. What a relief.

I am also glad to announce that I have my crafting head back. It went walkabouts between autumn and Christmas, and I just was NOT in the mood for crafting. Last night I finished G's lovely blue scarf; mended a black and white stripey school scarf of my husband's to also send up to her (that man throws NOTHING away - it's circa the mid-1950s!) and when I was looking for something else in my craft cupboard, I discovered the template and some tacked-up hexagons so I am making another hexagon quilt - perhaps for us, or perhaps to donate to one of my favourite horse charities for a raffle prize. Today I have to start sewing together (or I may crochet together) a bag full of knitted squares which my eldest daughter and I have worked on, on and off, for the past year. She is desperately cold up at her Uni house, so I thought I would rattle up a warm lap quilt for her. She does feel the cold so. Then I have to start on a silly hat (knitted Viking style with horns!) for my son, and then some fingerless gloves for eldest daughter's boyfriend . . . I am also making some patchwork blocks for the Lluest Horse and Pony Trust Charity quilt. Those are being machine-pieced, and yesterday's was a Courthouse Steps Log Cabin block.

Gosh, looking through my window it seems like it will never get light. At least we are seeing the year move with a little more light late afternoon. I am looking forward to the light evenings again and being able to crack on out in the garden again. GTM mentioned that there would be another cold spell - even worse than this - in February. I do hope not. I wanted to try and get some seeds started early, but perhaps not . . .

During the next week, I shall try and do an update on some of the Census cottages I discovered at the back end of last year. They all have a little story to tell.

Dryslwyn in the distance.

And a close-up.

A lovely old ivy-clad oak (or rather, what remains of it). I dare say it was a young tree when the Rebecca Riots were taking place.

Water frozen in the ruts. There will be a ploughing match held here in the spring, and I intend to spectate (and photograph) this time.

Where there IS colour, this new camera is very good at highlighting it against a drab background . . .

The statuesque ruined curtain walls of Dryslwyn.


sukipoet said...

Beautiful photos. What make is yr new camera??

Rowan said...

Glad that you have your crafting head back again! It will be interesting to read what you discover about those Census cottages. And maybe you'll make it to Dryslwyn in the Spring - it's obviously very much in your mind:)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I'm so looking forward to your promised update on the Census cottages.

Since I'm new here, I missed what you must have told about them, at the end of last year. But I love the sound of cottages with a little story to tell! Oh so yummy sounding. :-)

But I'll be patient, honest I will. :-)

Aunt Amelia
"Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour." ~~John Boswell

nita x said...

jennie, Dryslwyn looks like a very mystical place. lovely pics again :o)

nancy said...

What an enchanting place. Beautiful ruins.
I'm so happy to hear your weather took a turn. Ours is up and down and all around, but not nearly as cold as it has been, in general. I've heard warnings about the month of February too - for our area, as well.

Bovey Belle said...

Aunt Amelia's Attic - if you look back in the archives for late November/Early December, you will be able to catch up on the posts.

Nancy - sounds like you will get the bad weather before we do then.

Rowan - I am aiming at walking to Dryslwyn (or possibly being dropped off there and walking home) as soon as the weather improves and I also up my fitness rate again.

Suki - Help! I've forgotten - will go and check and let you know. It's good though it wasn't massively expensive (especially when it was reduced in the sale!)