Sunday, 25 January 2009

How's this for a view?

These will probably look better blown up - just double click.

This morning's post only got posted because my finger slipped and I actually thought I had cancelled it in time! We had to go and collect our son from an overnight stay at his friend's up on the mynydd. It was misty and we arrived mid-breakfast, so I walked up the driveway of the smallholding with my camera.

The sun breaking through the mist - looking towards Black Mountain.

Looking the opposite way, across our (wooded) valley towards - eventually - Carmarthen.

Here is the square banked and ditched Iron Age Enclosure we can see from our part of the valley.

A general view across the fields near Llanfynydd.


Goosey said...

What lovely winter landscapes, the light on the trees is so nice.You are very fortunate to live in such a special place.

Wild Somerset Child said...

oh oh oh oh oh - this is wonderful; i only discovered Carmarthenshire eighteen months ago, and we were driving through and could not stop.

And here, as promised, are the details of the Arthurian trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland:

1. Arthur: the Seeing Stone (ISBN 978-0752 844299)
2. At the Crossing Places (ISBN 978-0753821220)
3. King of the Middle March (ISBN 978-1842550601)

The writing is beautiful, at whatever age you approach - allegorical as well. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Ann

Tea with Willow said...

I honestly never thought I could find Winter *this* beautiful .... thank you for making me see differently through your wonderful photographs Bovey Belle!

Willow x

Bovey Belle said...

Ann - smacked wrists - I've just had an Amazon moment (well, they were only a penny each, so not too much of an indulgence!) Thankyou.

Willow - I am so desperate for Spring to arrive this year, but it is ALWAYS beautiful up on this ridge. I plan another walk up that way soon, trying to find a burial chamber in the nearby Forestry.

Goosey - I was fortunate with the light. I could see it, and I'm glad to say thatthe camera saw it too . . .

nancy said...

It's amazing. Your land is so beautiful and full of historical interest.
I've copied down the books above, too.