Thursday, 22 January 2009

And now for something completely different . . .

I am very busy with my crafting at the moment. I am working on two charity quilts and a hexagon quilt. The latter is for our bed, until I finally get around to finding some material to go with what I have put on one side already which is crimson/gold/purple etc - very Medieval looking. Haven't decided on a pattern yet either, but it will have to be easily-pieced on machine with not too many points.

The simple 6" squares charity quilt will be a single, and is to be raffled for a favourite charity of mine (who don't know they are getting it yet, and I won't mention by name in case the person concerned reads this).

The other charity quilt is for Lluest Horse and Pony Trust and is a joint effort along with the ladies from CL forum.

I have also been making knitted dishcloths. These two are the first I've made. The apple pattern was first, because it was the easiest, and then slightly more difficult - but still simple - was the hearts one. I've just sent them off, thinly disguised as face flannels, to my aunts in Romsey. I shall keep various dishcloths on the needles throughout the year so I can knit them up for myself when I'm out and my husband's driving.

The patterns for these can be found here.


Wild Somerset Child said...

What a lovely idea - the dishcloths, and so so useful, as well as being sufficiently small to finish quickly; thankyou for the link to the patterns, too. I used to knit in the car - until my husband said it was risky to use pointed needles, so now I crochet instead - granny shawls which despite the open pattern are really cosy. (best of luck with the patchwork)

MrsL said...

Lovely pictures Jennie, glad Itsy is happy.
I'm off to see if I can find the cloth patterns to add to my repertoire, and I hope to get to the Lluest quilt squares this weekend.



nancy said...

Ooooooh!! Your dishcloths are so pretty! Mine are very plain! I want to make some like this!