Saturday, 6 December 2008

Walking challenge - over 6 miles today

As I'd been busy painting since Tuesday, I decided I needed a longer walk today to make up for the lack of exercise, so I got OH to drop me off at Whitemill (3/4 of the way into Carmarthen) and I would walk home along the lanes. Gosh but I'd underestimated quite how cold it was going to be in the valley bottom, before the sun showed its face over the hills. I walked about 6 1/2 miles home, stopping to take photos on the way. It took me a shade over 2 hours, so not bad going. My legs have told me that they would like a rest tomorrow, please . . .

The start of the walk - lovely sunshine, but I was in the valley bottom for the first hour - think FROSTY!

A different view of Merlin's Hill to the one I'm used to.

A different wooded cwm to the ones I'm used to as well.

A lovely farmhouse basking in the sunshine.

Past the church wall and round the corner.

A pretty little church, surrounded by 4 or 5 yew trees.

The old track up to Godor.

A trackway up past Tanerdy which I will try another time - it had turned into a stream this morning, with all the rain we've had recently.

Back into our parish now and past an old farmstead.

A wonderful outcrop of rock.

The little river which once formed the boundary of the lands held by Talley Abbey.

Trinity Church.


Nan said...

I would walk every day if I could stroll those lanes and see that scenery. Yes, it is beautiful where I live but not like that. There's something about every picture you showed that made me feel a sense of 'home.' I hope people go to those lovely churches and that the stone farm is lived in. Oh, what beauty. And good for you! You are going to be in terrific shape, both in body and soul!

Bovey Belle said...

The more I walk, the more I am enjoying it. I used to do a lot of walking (Dartmoor for preference) in my 20s. Now I'm in my 50s I have decided I need bringing back from the brink! We have some fabulous scenery around here, and I am sitting down with the map most evenings planning the next walk. Today's blog was a bit rushed - I like to research any unknown history. The little farmhouse at the bottom of the hill (the creamy one) is called Gilfach and is VERY ancient. I saw inside it once, but there was one room I didn't care for and couldn't wait to get out of!

Kelli said...

Gorgeous walk, Jennie! So many lovely things to see, I especially love the sweet farmhouse.

Greentwinsmummy said...

Wow! well done you! thats a terrific walk,I bet you sleep like a log tonight :o)
I am intrigued about the spooky room in the farmhouse,do tell more!
GTM x x

gosh teh word blogger is asking me to put in,is ogram lol! those are celtic wooden stick runes if my mind is remembering right?

Goosey said...

Thats a lovely walk,'s always nice to go somewhere and to walk home I think. The pictures are beautiful

Bovey Belle said...

Nearly GTM - you're thinking of Ogham, which is an early form of Irish writing found here in Wales on memorial stones - there's one at Nevern (qv recent post). Executed on the sharp edge of two sides of the stone, its slanting strips mean differing letters.

As for the farmhouse (Gilfach) - when we were showed round, we were led into a deep red bedroom and our host laughingly said, "We call this the haunted room." Me - backing rapidly towards the door to get out of the AWFUL atmosphere in there - was thinking, hmmmm, I know why!

Goosey - the first half of the walk was just outside of our parish, and somewhere I'm not at all familiar with (except in the distance, driving by).

Kelli - that particular farmhouse (in the dip) is called Gilfach and dates back to the 13th or 14th century.

Bovey Belle said...
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GeraniumCat said...

What glorious walks you take, at home ours is always the same, and when I'm in Devon I can't get my mother to go to Dartmoor any more, which makes me sad, because I love it - in summer she says it's too crowded and in winter too cold.

Arlene Grimm said...

I admire your steadfastness in walking Jennie. I love seeing all the pictures of the beautiful places.

Rowan said...

This looks a wonderful walk, such beautiful scenery and so much of interest to look at. I love the farmhouse, looks the kind of place I'd love to live. 'The old track to Godor' sounds like something out of LOTR :)

Bovey Belle said...

No chance of any walking today - too busy dusting off books and moving furniture to paint the sitting room.

It is lovely scenery, and we are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area.

Arlene - the first week was hard going, as I needed to build up my muscles after about 6 weeks without so much walking - but now I surprise myself!

Geranium Cat - if we move to Devon when we downsize (fingers crossed we will), I would be happy to meet up for some Dartmoor walks. I miss the moor so much.