Monday, 22 December 2008

Deck the halls with boughs of holly . . .

My eldest daughter and I had a lovely walk to deliver a Christmas Card to a neighbour yesterday and then collected some greenery on the way home to decorate the house and to make a wreath from. The weather was distinctly drizzly, but it was such a lovely walk and we came home and had a huge leg of hogget (yearling lamb) for our Yule meal, eaten by candlelight. It is lovely to have all my family around me again.

A huge branch was ripped off in a recent storm, and lies, gathering moss now.

It's such a pretty lane to walk along, winter or summer.

I love to see trees as "themselves", without their leaves, showing their true character. There were some stunning ones which I noticed on my drive up North last week.

This tiny cottage is a holiday let. Sometimes I have to do the changeover cleaning if my neighbour is away, but it's a doddle as it's just three rooms.

A fallen giant. This was the best picture I could manage, and I had to stand on the bank to get this one.

This field has less and less grazing every year and the bracken has spread so only a little island of grass remains in the middle.

Another angel for Nancy, and surprisingly found in our local chapel graveyard. Sorry about the rain on the lens Nancy - hope that you can sort it out.

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Tea with Willow said...

Another lovely walk Bovey Belle - yes, I love to look at the silhouettes of trees in winter, they are just beautiful. There is a huge oak in the grounds of the house next door to us, and I could spend hours just looking at it & wondering about all the things it has 'seen' in the village over the years! It's been very mild here - might inspire me to go for a nice walk today too!
Willow x