Sunday, 28 December 2008

A brisk walk

My husband, middle daughter and I have just returned from a brisk walk along by the river. There is a biting N-Easterly wind, so we all wrapped up warm, but I have to say I felt better for some fresh air and exercise. The light was too poor for good photos, but I took one or two I was happy with.

This photo pleased me as it captured the "arrow" of smooth glissading water as it was channelled between the boulders. If you enlarge it you should see the different colours in the water, including a slate blue between the boulders at the back.

I spent over 6 hours (all the morning in fact) making a warmer curtain for this room (my office). I had a hopelessly thin summer-weight ivory coloured tab-top curtain, but I dived into my stash of material and found a piece which was almost exactly the right size (with a slight extension in the hem department) so I spent a busy few hours doing invisible hemming down the sides and bottom. It is definitely warmer and the darker colours were just what the room needed.

I began knitting my middle daughter a scarf yesterday in some wool I bought on the Market in Carmarthen - it's a Kingfisher blue and so cheerful a colour to knit with. I am using a double moss stitch, which looks very pretty, so that is my evening "job" for the next few days until it's finished, and then she has asked if I will knit one for her friend . . . .

Another tea of "leftovers" - in this case some lamb I'd frozen from a big joint of hogget we had before Christmas. I'd best get started on the veg. I think.

Oh, and below are two of three Partridges we have visiting our garden at the moment - poor souls, they were sunbathing on the drive when we returned home from town yesterday, so they lost their spot and headed for the patio instead.


nita x said...

jennie love the pictures of your river, gorgeous :o)
and well done on your curtain, looks really nice :o)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I have never seen a partridge!
Are'nt they lovely,A walk always makes you feel better.

Bovey Belle said...

Cupcakes - the partridge are such pretty little birds (as you can see). I think they come from the local shoot, but we enjoy seeing them about the place. The walk made me feel really good.

nita- glad you liked the curtain. I was glad I kept my nose to the grindstone . . . Our river is wonderful, and I go past it nearly every day.

Sandy said...

Jennie, fantastic pictures of the river. You're so blessed to be where you are. Sandy xx

Tea with Willow said...

Lovely to see the changing seasons by the river - it looks so dramatic in Winter, with the water rushing by. I really must get out for a walk today - cabin fever has definitely set in!!
Willow x

Leanne said...

the curtain fabric is fab jennie, just the sort of thing I like! Leanne x

Kim said...

Lovely photos of the river jennie. Unlike the previous ones of the pollution, how utterly awful :(

I love your curtain, it's luscious :)

Kim x

Betty said...

I enjoyed seeing your river....and the fabric is gorgeous on your curtain....

Happy New Year to you and yours...Betty

Bovey Belle said...

Great to see everyone popping in over the quiet period between Christmas and New Year and Sandy! Welcome back - you've been much missed.

Betty, Kim, and Leanne - I was glad to have a chance to use that particular piece of material as I liked it so much, but didn't have a place for it to go until yesterday's brainwave.

Willow and Sandy - the river does change quite dramatically through the seasons and is rarely the same two days running even. It is our constant companion, though fortunately we are set 100 or so feet higher, so no risk of it flooding us here.

Jacqui at Fibre Dreams said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
I think I need to learn a few things so I don't seem bad mannered!
I did'nt know about this box!
What a beautiful setting your home is in. I have always loved Wales.
Jacqui (Fibre Dreams)

nancy said...

A great post, Jennie. I enjoyed seeing the partridges. They are so beautiful. The river looks so good. What happened with the pollution? I think your curtain is awesome. What cool fabric.