Monday, 1 December 2008

Stepping into the past

Another scene from yesterday's walk - looking across our valley.

There was a very hard frost overnight. The worst of the winter in fact. Fortunately my husband is doing the school run, so I didn't have to freeze rigid getting the ice off the car.

If I expected to sleep well last night I was mistaken. I fell into a very deep sleep by 9 p.m. (!) but then at 2 a.m. I was wide awake, and walking the 1881 census of Sholing, Southampton (where I grew up). I couldn't get an internet connection past 5 p.m. last evening, so I had a wander through the 1881 census disc for Hampshire instead. I discovered - amongst other things - that there were other brickworks, down by Millers Pond - as well as the one at the back of our house in Butts Road (our house had been built for the Brickworks Manager).

I realize now that where we used to go and scrump plums, and pick long-abandoned fruit bushes, had been a market garden in the 1881 census. I imagine it was abandoned around the time of WWII. There were extensive apple orchards too (one lot definitely under bricks and mortar and a goodly part of the other orchard as well.)

So I spent the night tossing and turning, and walking the roads and fields of my childhood and got up this morning feeling tearful and nostalgic for my childhood. That's what lack of sleep does for you.

Back later with the walk.


Goosey said...

Oh dear, night time internetting is never good for getting back to sleep...your mind is too active! Sounds like you found some interesting stuff though, maybe off for 40 winks now to catch up! BW Goosey

MrsL said...

Lovely photo BB - hard frost ehre too, skating ducks again!

Bovey Belle said...

Goosey - it was so bloomin' perishing here last night I was in bed when I did my "travelling" back in time. I'd gone census hunting at just after tea, and it was still all in my head. I did get back to sleep about 5 a.m. but am still grumpy and "nowty" now . . . as my husband will testify.

Mam said...

Now THIS is a gorgeous photo. I can almost feel like I'm breathing the frost-tinged air!
ps. If you have any "stone angel" photos, I may be able to use one sometime.