Sunday, 21 December 2008

The ante has been upped!

This close to Christmas, things are suddenly going into over drive. I must now use a little of today to deliver (on foot) the last couple of Christmas cards and little jar of preserves to neighbours, and there is the greenery and twiggery for the wreath to be gathered too - hopefully at the same time, with my eldest daughter to keep me company. The gathering of the greenery at Yule, and the making of the wreath is one of our Christmas traditions and we look for interesting little bits of nature magic to incorporate.

I have two pineapples and a punnet of kiwi fruit to turn into some jam, and I have blown the dust off the American Christmas cookie magazine I was fortunate enough to find at a car boot sale a year or two ago for a ridiculous 20 pence.

There is a huge leg of local hogget lamb for our Yuletide roast today, and we shall light candles and turn off the overhead lights and celebrate Yule as a nod to our pagan ancestors.


nita x said...

yuletide blessings jennie :o) that picture of the tree is surely magical, lovely :o)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

all sounds lovely and festive .
It is such a busy time but fun busy!
Merry christmas to you and yours.