Thursday, 3 April 2008

A Walk in the Woods

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The first part of the walk hasd views across the valley to the little farmsteads on the opposite hillside, hemmed in about with parade-grounds of tall conifers, holly-green and heads-high.

The trees at the edge of the pathway were green with mosses and litchens, blasted with the winter rains and quiet in confidences, whispering in the breeze.

A forest is always in need of tending: of removing the weak and twisted ash and sycamore to let in the light and encourage the oak saplings.

Trees planted like ranks of skewers, barren land beneath, where nothing grows, their trunks misted-green on the boundaries from the prevailing rains and the twines of ivy, ever an opportunist.

There was a glimpse of a whitewashed farmhouse through the trees, nestling lengthways into the landscape as if it were planted there, so the winds blew over its roof.

A beguiling path led us on, trodden for long years before Forestry land was even thought about and leading to the uplands.

Badger-face sheep watched us suspiciously as we passed. They have black facial markings, and a black strip stretching down from throat, along the belly and the underside of the tail, and black legs. They also come in "negative" colouring, which is black/very dark brown-black with white marks and gullet/belly stripe.


MammyT said...

Thanks, Jennie. I so enjoyed the walk. I just wish I had also burned the calories like you did! The wide expanses of land just draw me in. I really need to get out of this city!
There is something for you over on my site. Someone gave me an award and I'm bound to pass it on. It is a very meaningful one, and you were my very first pick to pass it on! Sometimes it's hard to find recipients for them when they require special criteria.

Allotment Lady said...

I just adore reading your blog and apologise for not leaving comments as often as I should.

With so many to visit, I often don't get the time. I cram so much into each day.

I am so very glad that you started your blog - and you have excelled yourself.

Kathy said...

Lovely pictures! One of our dearest friends is a native of Wales. He speaks lovingly of his homeland. Kathy@ Mimi's Garden