Thursday, 24 April 2008

Blaenavon and Stack Square - part 1

Yesterday I had to unexpectedly take my son to Cardiff for the University Open Day, so I took advantage of being in the general area, and as I am still reading Alexander Cordell's novels, I took myself up through Pontypool to check out Blaenavon, a World Heritage site for its remaining industrial landscape - Big Pit and the site of one of the early and very important ironworks. Stack square is part of the ironworks complex, and some of you may recognize it as where the recent "Coalhouse" programme was filmed. American visitors to my blog may like to visit
for the background to this programme.

Stack Square as it is today. You'd never know it was so close to reality, from the tv programme!

The interiors have been left as they were for the tv programme - the kitchen.

Mam and da didn't have much room - or privacy. Just about enough room for a bed and to squeeze past into the childrens' bedroom.

One of the kitchens in the other cottages.

You could just walk in and light the range . . .

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Simply Heart And Home said...

My their homes were cozy! I love all the old furniture. I can imagine sitting near the range and feeling its warmth!