Friday, 4 April 2008

Show and Tell Friday over at Kelli's

Show and Tell

Today I've been taking photos of just a few things from my kitchen, which is full of beams, just perfect for displaying things on.

(Click on photos to enlarge, and please try not to notice the cobwebs!)

I have quite a collection of jugs. Some of them battered and chipped, but once they are hung up you don't notice! This is one that is crazed all over from age, but is such a beautiful colour - the photo doesn't do it justice as it is the most beautiful jade green. It is a Victorian dresser jug.

This is a big copper poacher which hangs over the Inglenook fireplace. As you can tell, I haven't polished it recently!

This is an old hand-made Victorian copper frying pan. The handle is blacksmith-made, with twisted wrought iron straps supporting the handle. This too is over the inglenook.

A copper dipper, down to the tin now, with a bunch of sage for company.

This is a big copper ladle (a Welsh one)I found at a Car Boot Sale many years ago. It would have been used in the Dairy. You can just see the tinned interior of another old ladle opposite it, but that is French, battered, and came from an Antiques Shop in Suffolk. In between them is a bunch of Lady's Mantle flowers I dried last year, and the stripey "thing" is a jumper which is hanging to dry on the "Betty Maid" - an old-fashioned indoor airer. We have two of them.

This I DID polish this week! It is an old miner's lamp from a mine in Eccles, Lancashire. My husband's father was given this after delivering a (posh) car to the mine owner back in the 1930s. My late m-in-law passed it on to us, as she had been hiding it under her bed, for fear that a burglar might find it and do her to death with it!!! She had a vivid imagination . . .


Betty said...

I've enjoyed visiting in your kitchen, the heart of the home...I like everything you showed....copper is so homey (is that a word?) looking....

Thanks for visiting with me...I know what you mean and then I have 8 grandchildren....six next blessed I am....

Please come again....Betty

Hootin' Anni said...

I LOVE the lantern!! That is one great treasure to have. And you did a good job shining it all up for us. Wow [cobwebs? I see now cobwebs!!!]

My Show n Tell is bargains I got this week. Do drop by and say hi!!

Happy Friday, Happy weekend.

LBP said...

What beautiful treasures in your kitchen! I really like the green jug, the color is gorgeous.



Simply Heart And Home said...

Such lovely pieces. Does it take a long time to polish them? I've never seen an egg poacher before. Very interesting items!

Kindra said...

Your things are just wonderful! My favorite is the jug. The colors are so pretty. What a clever way to display of your pretties!! Thanks for sharing!

Bovey Belle said...

The polishing doesn't take that long (so I really have no excuse!) Sometimes I cheat and cut a lemon in half and rub that over, which quickly gets the worst of the tarnish off, but it tends to turn the copper pinky looking, so usually I just use a preparation which is meant for the chrome on bumpers but is good for all metalwork. I did my horse brasses this week, and the miner's lamp, so need to sit down and do the rest. I have HUGE copper pans on the stove too, so will probably show those next week.

Hootin' Anni - you're too kind! In one pic I can see them without even enlarging it!!!

jennifer said...

OOOHH, my favorite collections are kitchen collectibles. I've run out of room!!

Love the ladle. And the pitcher was gorgeous too!


Joyfull said...

I love the kitchen collectables. Especially the copper, it brings such warmth into a kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

Sondra said...

I just love, love all your items. I am big on collecting old kitchen stuff and your items are so unique.

MammyT said...

What fun to be in your kitchen. I don't know what an inglenook is. Is it just me? I saw plenty of cobwebs! Haha! I see some right now from where I am sitting, too.
I love the copper. And I usually have a bunch of sage hanging too, but just used it up recently. I always have something drying there!
You ought to see my string of red hot peppers.

Martie said...

I think I like the lamp the best! I would love to have the beams running through my kitchen. Your decor looks very rustic and homey.


Jewelgirl said...

My friend who is obsessed with
things from the British Isles,
named her dog Eccles, after Eccles,
Lancashire so it was so neat to
see your lantern is from there.
Congratulations on the award, you
have a lovely blog and I enjoy
the great pictures.

Kelli said...

What wonderful kitchen treasures, Jennie! I love the green Victorian pitcher and the old miners lamp is so neat!

Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing your treasures! You have some cool things! I really love the old cooper pans, they are wonderful. They are also very hard to find.

:0) Sharon

Karla said...

What a neat way to display your treasures! Thanks for sharing!