Friday, 18 April 2008


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I've done an awful lot of driving in the past week. First of all down to Dorset for the Forum meet-up last weekend. Then I'd only been back a day when I had to return our middle daughter to her University "oop North". We managed to get some photos of the countryside as we were driving along - you will forgive any which are a bit blurred. The scenery is amazing, and one of these years my husband and I will get that holiday in the Lake District we've always promised ourselves. It was only ever a stopping-off point when we were driving up to Scotland on holiday. Anyway - enjoy the views.

First mid-Wales:

As you can see above, the weather was a little threatening on occasion!

A couple of hours further on - looking across to the fells of what used to be called Westmoreland. Then it all got lumped into "Cumbria".

Slightly blurred view, ditto!

A stretch of the drystone walls which proliferate up here. It is good to see that they are largely maintained. When you think of the man hours which they took to build - and there are 100s of miles of them.

Landscape on the top of the fells.

It's wild up here - raining sheets in the distance.

A general view.

I liked the "crankle" in this wall . . . Perhaps there had been a tree there in the past which they built around.


LBP said...

Gorgeous photogtaphics! You live in such a scenic area. The stone walls are works of art.



Gattina said...

Wow ! what beautiful landscapes !! It must be a wonderful place !

arlene said...

Lovely scenery!! When we lived in Kentucky, we saw some of the stacked stone walls. They are a work of art in themselves. Thanks for giving us a picture of life in your neck of the woods, Jennie.