Saturday, 26 April 2008

I know where I'm going . . .

Sorry - I was talking about this on Nancy's blog and suddenly felt the need to share it with blogland. Does anyone else recognize this folk song? I learned it at school and used to sing a version of it as a lullaby to my children when they were tiny:

I know where I'm goin'
and I know who's goin' with me
I know who I love
and my dear knows who I'll marry.

I have stockings of silk
and shoes of bright green leather
Combs to buckle my hair
and a ring for every finger

O' feather beds are soft
and painted rooms are bonnie
But I would give them all
for my handsome winsome Johnny

Some say that he's poor,
but I say that he's bonnie
Fairest of them all
is my handsome winsome Johnny.

I "think" it also had links to a lovely American horse book (the Magnificent Barb by Dana Farella) I had as a child. I'm sure there was an extract of this song in it.


Kelli said...

I haven't heard this song, but it's adorable!

MrsL said...

I'm very familiar with this song! We have the piano music here, and Bean has been having a go. There is an old early 1930s (I think) film based around the song, where a woman trots off up to the islands to marry a rich old man, but ends up falling in love with someone else. Great, classic film, catch it if you can; it pops up oeriodically on the BBC, but I'm sure it would be available somehwere on DVD or somesuch technological wonder.
Would you like me to sing a verse or two? No? Oh, OK then.......... :0)

H said...

It is called 'I know where I'm going' and it is an Irish folk song.

Here it is on Youtube...