Monday, 14 April 2008

Taking a deep breath . . .

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Bluebells and Windflowers near Holt Wood.

I took along some china and lamps and bits and bobs to sell.


There was some wonderful baking done.

This is Sturminster Newton Mill, not far away from where we were. When we lived in Dorset, we would visit here regularly and buy the bread-making flour. When Thomas Hardy took his young bride here, they could have seen this from the windows of the villa they rented, across the water-meadows.
The bridge at the back of the Mill, crossing the River Stour. The "Swallows" poem I included on an early posting was writing of this river.

I am as pleased as a dog with two tails, as I have learned how to crochet a Granny square. In fact, the few rounds I did on Saturday have now turned into a square of about 15", and I am on my third colour. I can whip round it now, and spent all the car journey today, and the time I was waiting for my Hospital appt. today, crocheting frantically. I'll post a picture later on. I will even confess to going into the craft shop to buy more wool in a matching weight (a chunky double knit) so I could carry on with it. No stopping me now!

It was a busy weekend, with a lovely pub meal and non-stop chatting on the Friday. Then we adjourned to the Village Hall the next day, and had two tables absolutely groaning with home-made cakes, biscuits and buns, and a cold lunch. There was much tea-drinking, and cake-eating, even more chatting, and everyone very industrious with tapestry, sock knitting, or crochet, and a couple of us learned totally new skills, which was great. We had an indoor BBQ in the evening, as the weather was less than clement, and then I saw an old Dorset friend of mine yesterday morning and gave her some books and DVDs I'd borrowed, before the long journey home. I finally got in at teatime.

I am off again tomorrow, this time up North delivering my middle daughter to University, so I shall be away for two days.


MammyT said...

You are having entirely too much fun. I wish I were there with you. My DD and I look at your photos and accounts of your travels and drool. We both love rural living and are really quite unhappy with this city life. Don't want to be back in Alaska either, because of the bad weather.
Any way, thanks for taking and posting all the great pictures. We surely enjoy them.

LBP said...

What a beautiful mill. Such lovely scenery in Wales. Hip, hip, hooray about learning to crochet! You are right it is so addicting. I learned when I was very young, 8 or 9.


arlene said...

Can we go with you next time???Great post.

hatty said...

spooky! my husbands sister lives walking distance from stur mill!!
i'm down in poole tho.
amor mundi
hatty :)