Thursday, 9 October 2008

A walk upstream

My favourite valley waterfall.

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Sometimes your own four walls just get too much - especially when the clearing out is still in progress, so we went for a short drive and ended up having a walk too, me with my camera in hand of course. The contrast of the autumn hues and the emerald of the grass was stunning. The recent rain had fed the small waterfalls and even invented some new ones!

Looking across the river from the lane.

Fungi on a rotting log.

A family of pure white Muscovy ducks.

This year there don't seem to be so many haws on the hawthorn bushes.

An old hollow-way.

Autumn's tints with bracken the colour of cinnamon.

My husband picking up the biggest acorns to be thrown along the hedgerows and hopefully stand a better chance of growing than in the middle of the lane!

At the back of the old farmhouse are the steps leading down to the old ford.

Looking up river from the bridge.

The sun came out and the river became a million prisms.


Arlene Grimm said...

Beautiful pictures Jennie...I really like the ducks!!

Strawberry Lane said...

Oh my, what a simply delightful walk with you! And such beautiful pictures along the way!