Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Manorbier castle

I will be using larger photos from now on, as requested - don't know why it didn't occur to me before! Anyway, you can still enlarge them by clicking on them (unless they are ones which I imported from collectivecommons).

Here is Manorbier Castle from the car park. Though you probably wouldn't recognize it from this angle, it was the castle used in the tv filming of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in 1988, and it overlooks the beach below the village. A really lovely spot.

Looking back on the castle as I stroll down to the beach.

A stream runs down to the sea and just before the beach, it forms a beautiful clear pool which reflects the gorse, which is blooming well at the moment.

Looking westwards along the rocky shoreline.

To the east of the beach. Just around that headland is a Neolithic burial chamber called the King's Quoit. I didn't have time to walk along to it this time, so here is an excellent link with various views of it. and another: There was a very interesting comment by 'sem' on the Megalithic Portal site (a favourite of mine), which mentions if Rman remains can still manage to be covered by earth 2,000 years on, how come the Neolthic remains are so often open to the four winds? Hmmm, that's worthy of some thought, especially with reference to earth energies. It is also interesting to note the King's Quoit is positioned directly onto a fault line in the rock - probably considered a liminal area by the Neolithic mind, but is there more to it than that? It would be interesting to dowse there . . .

Here is a link for a couple of other pictures of the castle, from the entrance:


thelma said...

Hi, King's quoit is sub-megalithic is'nt it, went round hunting others a couple of years ago three on St.David's Head, 3 hidden by vegetation in Goodwick and another near that I can't remember the name off. All I can remember is that it took me ages to find it in the gorse.... then got back to the car in the middle of nowhere, and the key to the car jammed in the lock..

Bovey Belle said...

Yeehah! It's lovely to have "met" you Thelma - now I've got someone to talk STONES to! We must head down to St David's when we get a good day this autumn as much there that we've never explored (mainly because it takes up all the day driving down that far). Happy memories for you by the sound of things!

elizabethm said...

What fantastic pictures. I love the mix of the castle and the shoreline. Makes me want to get out there right now and stop pretending to work!

Bovey Belle said...

It's a lovely place elizabeth - when we were there last week, a holiday coach pulled up, and I know they were old folk, but half of them didn't even get out of the coach! Some more sprightly ones had a stroll down to the beach, but I couldn't help thinking, what a waste of a holiday!

Arlene Grimm said...

Lovely photos Jennie...I love being an arm chair traveler.