Sunday, 12 October 2008

A 5 mile walk this afternoon

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The river has been dropping steadily and it is getting closer to its "normal" levels now. Looking upstream from a rock outcrop which is a favourite spot with artists and photographers alike.

I persuaded my 17 yr old son to accompany me on my walk this afternoon and we ended up going 5 miles - the weather has been SO lovely and it encouraged us to just keep walking and talking. We passed a neighbours' and got invited in for a cold drink (very welcome by then). Now I have SO much energy and I have even dusted our entire bedroom (something I have been putting off for far too long) and now it is vacuuming time upstairs. The roast lamb is in the oven, cooking nicely by the smell of things. I have worked up an appetite now. Itsy had her rug off today as it must be in the mid 60s temperature-wise. I just hope she hasn't got plastered in mud without it or I shall have to wield a dandy brush with zest before the rug goes back on tonight. So, some more photos, this time mainly distant views.

As the waters drop, the rocks begin to appear beneath the spume.

It may not look it, but this is a very steep hill to climb, but give me my due, I only stopped briefly twice, to catch my breath. My Asthma always hits me on hills.

A little higher up - looking back up the valley towards Llanfynydd, and the cream-coloured tower which is all that remains of Pantglas, a very important gentry residence in Georgian and Victorian times.

Lady P's cottage snuggles into the landscape.

Along the lane, we passed some of the TB mares and foals from a local stud.

The Towy valley is in the background. Just to the left of the leaves on the top of the photo, the tree-clad hill is Grongar Hill, made famous in the poem by Dyer. At its base, Aberglasney House, famous for its yew tunnel, and whose restored gardens are now open to the public. The house too, is slowly being restored.

Looking across the river valley towards a neighbour of ours.

The autumn colours improve day by day.

I couldn't resist a photo of this Japanese Acer.

Another view of the river from the rock.

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