Monday, 6 October 2008

A bad case of the "Tidyits"

There was nothing urgent which needed doing today, so I began to tidy up, starting on the dresser in the hall which was bulging with maps and packets of photos from the pre-digital era. That took about an hour and a half, but resulted in the cupboard being half empty afterwards. Some stuff burned, or put out for the charity shop, and the maps put in a little tin trunk my husband blew the dust off for me. During the clearout I found this beautiful vintage embroidered picture which I brought from a stall in Carmarthen Market a few years back and had "lost". I need to sit down tonight and resew the back together as it had been done with wool which wasn't strong enough.

Anyway, we then looked out a suitable frame for it, and fortunately this one had glass in it already, so with a bit of spit and polish it will be looking quite nice. I don't know how much this would be in an antiques shop, but it stands me in £5 maximum (there was a price tag of £3.75 on the back of the picture, but I'm sure I only paid half that for it). The frame was one from a job lot at auction.

Then in a sort of desultory fashion I began tidying a few books. This then turned into a huge tidy up resulting - so far - in 8 boxes of books to go to auction - ones we bought 2nd hand many years ago, have enjoyed - or ignored - and which need rehoming. We have tried taking a few to the local Car Boot Sales but no real interest. People don't seem to value books much hereabouts - apart from the local Antiquarian bookseller and he likes to buy cheap and sell dear, which is I suppose what business is all about really. There are about as many books again in the Morning Room, but I have pulled them out of our big old bookcase and they are in piles on the floor, so that's tomorrow's job. I idly flicked through a couple of books I intended to put on e-bay and in "Plants of Herefordshire", my eye fell on the words "SMART-ARSE"!! Good grief I thought, a misprint? But no, it is a local name for the Polygonum aviculare or Common Knotweed. Love it!

My OH also, at my insistence, made up a collection of picture frames we have no need for. They were surplus to requirements having been bought a few at a time at auction when we needed one of a particular size which was in that Lot. I'm not mad on gold frames and prefer them to be oak. We have a houseful, bought on the cheap and polished up.

I had a rest around lunchtime to make some Double Chocolate Chip Muffins for our son. They have double cream in as I had some to use up, and Nutella spread, and are scrummy.

Here are my winter projects, prompted by a thread on Creative Living forum.

Below is a beautiful carved chair with Berlin wool work upholstery. I will have to be so careful removing this hand-sewn covering and equally careful replacing it again too.

As you can see, it's a lovely chair, but a tad saggy around the derriere!

I also have a set of 6 of these Victorian balloon back dining chairs to reupholster, plus 2 others which will make a harlequin set of 8. The first one will see me with my upholstery book in one hand as it's been SO long since I've done one, but I shall soon get into the swing of it again and it's such a satisfying job, especially tapping the tacks home! I used to go to classes when the children were small - it saved my sanity.

Tomorrow - more "Tidyits" planned - I have fairly got the bit between my teeth now!


Compostwoman said...

Oooooooooh any chance I could have a look at the Plants of Herefordshire book??

If I have it I will pay you, of course, or swap something of equal value....

any possibility of this??

Bovey Belle said...

PM me on Creative Living compostwoman. I've put it on one side for you.

MrsL said...

Nice chairs, BB. Will keep an eye on how you are getting on with them. I hope to get to mine this week. The wood on mine need attention, but the webbing and upholstery parts are quite good. I was going to give one to Bean to do, but that might be a bit scary!!!

Compostwoman said...

Sorry BB, I can't PM you on Creative Living as Mrs L banned me and removed my access (including with immediate effect all the PM's with friends real life addresses that I had stored :-((

so I can't actually do as you ask, much though I would love to!

Perhaps there is some other way but at the moment I can't think..

unless you are a member of INEBG, or SSish?


Sian said...

Those muffins look wonderful. Any chance of the recipe?

Bovey Belle said...

Sian - I'll post the recipe later. They're very easy to make.

Compostwoman - fear not, have pm'd you on INEBG.

Mrs L - sounds like you and Bean have plenty to keep you occupied this winter - especially with that pink paint!

Kim said...

Lovely post, BB. I think the tidyits and moveits is all linked to preparing for the long winter months when we are stuck inside. Get the hard work done now and then we can concentrate on our sewing, knitting and other fireside projects.

Kim x

nita x said...

jennie i love your green oil lamps in the first picture on the window ledge, just gorgeous :)
and the muffins do look scrumdiddlyumptious :)