Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Brecon and a visit to Llandew Church

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I'll start with a question, and would love to hear from all who visit my blog as to their thoughts on what this object (offered for sale in an antique shop we regularly visit) might be. I know the answer, but your ideas would be fascinating!

Another view of a corner in the same room.

It was lunchtime when we reached Brecon, so after visiting this, our favourite bookshop (Andrew Morton's), we had a pot of tea and a bite to eat in a nearby cafe. These two photos were the view from the window. I love that tiny, tiny window.

A glimpse of old Brecon here with this gas light and the name Lion Yard.

On the opposite corner, you can glimpse a cornucopia of collectibles inside the shop.

A wet Brecon street.

From Brecon, we decided we would see if we could find the little 13th century church we had seen signposted on our way back from our day out in Hay-on-Wye recently. We were well rewarded.

Quite apart from the 13th century church, we found that this had been the site of Llandew Bishop's Palace, which we had never heard of. The remains are now associated with a private home, but there is an excellent website: which goes into great detail and is excellent reading. Apparently Giraldus Cambrensis lived here in the 12th century, and it was one of his favourite dwellings.

This is the well associated with the Bishop's Palace - it can be accessed from either side of this wall. It too has a story to tell:

The village pump associated with the well.

This old doorway has remained and I couldn't resist a photo.

St David's Church, Llandew, with wonderful views across the countryside. Inside it is very plain, completely unspoilt by those Victorians who sadly felt they had to "improve" many of our little country churches and ruined them instead.

Inside there are still oil lamps for lighting.

In the porch, the Maltese cross on this stone - probably a coffin lid - suggests a possible connection with the Knights of St John.

There is a curious design on the little stoop beside it too. I couldn't make out what it was meant to be. Sadly, this motif isn't mentioned on the excellent website.

A further "coffin lid". These remind me of the Govan cross-slabs I read about when researching my Archaeology dissertation.

We will go back, having read all the information I have downloaded this morning (half a book!) and do a walk in the area.

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