Thursday, 4 September 2008

Itsy's back

Here's a nice clean Itsy. It won't last as she will soon roll and spoil the effect! Mind you she needs to as she needs the natural oils and grease back in her coat to waterproof her - or the bits the rug doesn't cover anyway. She has her rug on this morning as it is raining and she would just get saturated - ponies HATE the rain more than anything. Cold they can cope with, but rain is a different matter.

Anyway, she's glad to be back in familiar surroundings and will go out for a walk round the lanes later.

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LBP said...

So glad to see Itsy back in good condition.

How to explain Graham crackers. They are made from graham flour and is shaped like a cracker but is sweet. I think you would call it a biscuit? Sort of like a flat cracker shaped cookie. Hope that helps.



p.s I am addicted to Junk Shops too!