Monday, 29 September 2008

Breakfast in the Lake District . . .

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I drew the short straw to take our middle daughter back to University "oop North" this past weekend. I didn't mind too much as I love travelling and exploring and going somewhere away from our little corner of Wales. I stayed overnight in her brand new Uni flat before setting off back home at first sparrow cough.

I intended to have my breakfast in the Lake District, putting a little dog leg in the journey to go via Kendal. It was very foggy crossing the Pennines, so much so that I couldn't see the road a hundred yards ahead, and as it was steeply downhill for quite long stretches towards Brough, my heart was in my mouth.

Fortunately it cleared by the time I got on the Kendal road and I was able to take some photos, including the amazing Howgill Fells, which are achingly beautiful when viewed from the M6.

The fog lifted as I drove towards Kendal, where I intended to stop for a stroll round and some breakfast (think, a chocolate bar and a can of Diet-Coke here . . . I needed waking up!)

From Kendal, I drove to Sizergh Castle, which a friend had visited recently and her photos had inspired me to visit also. Sadly, I had arrived far too early - it would be an hour before the gardens opened, and three hours before the castle opened too - by then I was in Oswestry. Another time - perhaps on the way up to pick my daughter up next spring. Here's a photo of what I missed:


Greentwinsmummy said...

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Bovey Belle said...

Thanks GTM - have done - thought she was an odd one!