Monday, 22 September 2008

Breamore Museum of Rural Life

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Finally I have returned to the Museum. I took so many photographs there, for there was a lot to interest us.

The first photo shows some Forest-made beeskeps and hives. To the right is a "hackle" which was a portable waterproof covering for one of the small beeskeps. This one was one of several made for a production of Thomas Hardy's The Woodlanders.

Below are various tools and implements used in the water systems in watermeadows - once a very common site in Hampshire and Wiltshire. Flooding (then draining) the watermeadows would produce an early flush of grass for cattle and sheep.

A shop typical of those once found in villages throughout the area (Candy is a Forest and Hampshire name too). It sold everything from tea to bluebag; from sugar to tinned sardines; from starch to peppermints.

An old school room. I used to be the Ink Monitor at junior school (about as high a position of importance as I ever got!!)

Tools at the Wheelrights' or Coopers' premises.

A domestic laundry.

The Market Gig and an early petrol-driven lawnmower.

This wooden "ladder" was used for carrying the family pig once it had been killed and bled.
I can imagine Antique Shops sell these under a completely different guise . . .

An excellent collection of garden tools.

You will have to forgive the limited descriptions but I have the latest family "bug" and am struggling to stay awake, let alone muster coherent thoughts!

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Mam said...

Jennie, I've just had the best time going through your recent posts. I always enlarge the photos because there is SOOo much to see!
These were incredible! I've captured a few of your "windows and doors" for a challenge I'm involved in. I'll let you know how it turns out.