Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I'm back . . .

Yes, I know - I was meant to be gone until the end of the week, but things panned out differently. In fact, Itsy-pony will be returning home today as things didn't quite work out as expected with her new owner. I needed to come home and arrange the transport, and as the weather had been slightly diabolical (with more monsoon-like rain to follow) we decided it would make more sense to put the money we would have spent on B&B, food etc towards the cost of the horse box.

That's not to say we didn't go anywhere, or take any photos. I probably have a week's blog entries to use up the 70 or so photos I took.

On the way down, we stopped our journey at Dunster (pic. of yarn market at top of page), and had a walk around to stretch our legs. We didn't have time to visit historic Dunster Castle
but we did have a lovely time around the village. At a little antique shop run by a lovely American lady, I found an old friend - another book by C Henry Warren, this time about the West Country, and with lots of old photos. Of course, I couldn't resist it and it has joined my West Country library. . .

Ancient cobbled walkways down the side of the main street in Dunster.

The castle dominates the village.

Looking up the street in the opposite direction. I have yet to check on what the tower is.

The entrance to Dunster Castle, and a lovely old building which housed an art gallery now. I was tempted to buy a couple of large cards which I will get framed this week (we do our own picture mounting and framing).

Another ancient building which I need to research. The "kick-out" of tiles above the ground floor windows is to repel the rain run-off and stop it seeping through the windows. We have a mini version above the windows on the south-west side of our house, which is where the prevailing weather always comes from.


LBP said...

Sorry that Itsy's new owners didn't work out:(

Looking forward to more photos of your trip!



Pixiedust said...

Hi Jennie, I've left you something over at my blog. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie, I love reading all your news and seeing the super pics! I've left an award for you over on my blog. Thanks hun X

Bovey Belle said...

Thanks Wren and Pixiedust. Much appreciated - I have just handed out awards and new recipients would just be a repeat of before, so I won't join in this time.