Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Back this afternoon . . .

Crab apple tree in the New Forest.

I am spending the morning tidying the garden, and am about to process my New Forest Wildings apples and Crab Apples (long overdue) into jellies and wine; then windfall apple chutney with some fruit from our 7 apple trees; then the first part of an experiment into making American sour-dough bread . . . Watch this space. Wildings, by the way, are apple trees grown from an apple core chucked out of a car window or from someone walking across - in this case - the New Forest. They are usually smaller but sometimes still a recognisable type.

Back later with more photos from the Rural Life Museum.


Kelli said...

Have a wonderful morning in the kitchen, Jennie! I love sourdough bread. :0)

Bovey Belle said...

I haven't started it yet Kelli - life got in the way - but I will!