Sunday, 17 August 2008

Just another rainy Sunday.

OK - I give up - the font is playing silly b's so this is going to be different sizes - blame cut and paste . . .

Sunday is usually Car Boot Sale day in our house and today was no exception. We had planned to have a stall ourselves, but yesterday's weather was so grim that we never got the opportunity to load up the van. Instead, we had a very leisurely stroll around this morning, glad we hadn't packed up to sell as the weather forecast was wrong and rain came in much earlier than anticipated, and there weren't too many people buying.

My husband bought a little solid oak magazine rack that someone had made – functional rather than stylish – and is going to store his chisels in it in his workshop. On the same stall was a cracking Singer sewing machine – probably 2nd World War vintage but in lovely condition. One spin of the wheel and I was hooked as it just floated (they often “trundle” when they’ve had a lot of use). Anyway, £5 passed hands and it was mine, ostensibly for one of my daughters, but I have a feeling it may live with me instead and they can have one of my other hand sewing machines.

We got our usual Free Range eggs from our usual stallholder, and are pondering – just a weensy bit – about getting a Gloucester Old Spot x weaner or two to raise for the freezer and for bacon, ham, sausages etc. . . They are £35 each – and Maggie’s big stable will soon be empty when she goes to her new home up in Scotland. It used to be two pigsties in years gone by, I understand, but I will have to persuade my husband first. I’m also angling for some hens again, but he’s being quite stubborn over those.

When we did the grocery shopping, I got tempted by the last copy on the shelf of a new novel by C J Sansom. He writes Tudor detective stories and is areal master of that period. I am currently reading his novel "Sovereign" at bedtime. It will be bread and scrape the rest of the week to make up for the indulgences.

A couple of cookery books later, and the base of an old oil lamp in clear glass (only 50p, including a new wick) and my dear husband really couldn’t resist the temptation of a good slab of marble (£100 worth if you were buying it from anywhere else) so for another £5 that came home with us too. Heaven knows what he will do with THAT.

Cats are not fools, and especially like warm beds made up for them with old towels. This is where we found Banshee when we got home.

My crochet is coming along in leaps and bounds (10 rows already). I hope to do half a dozen more rows this evening.


Greentwinsmummy said...

wheeeooooo!! get some pigs! get some pigs!! & how can OH not be sure about chickens? lol! the singer is lovely,it baffles me that folks turf these classic & superb machines out!never mnd all th emore for us folks to gather up & make good use of!

Bovey Belle said...

I probably won't be allowed the pigs, but I shall try. He's against hens because of the bird flu worry - he seems to think if we have hens, we stand a good chance of catching bird flu from them if the infection sweeps through domestic flocks. I can see his point, but have pointed out that if bird flu DID hit in this way, he could despatch them. He also doesn't want any livestock because we can't go anywhere without someone to look after them - he has a valid point there too. At a pinch, someone could feed the cats for us, but pigs and hens are another matter. I think the long and the short of it is, he's not a smallholding person - and I am . . .

LBP said...

I just spent a lovely half hour catching up reading your blog! Please send just a little of you monsoon our way, we are so dry that the grass crackles under our feet.

I LOVE that sewing machine. My sister has the one that belonged to my maternal grandmother who died many years ago and has never used it. I may just have to relieve her of that! LOL

Mam said...

By George, I think you've got it, as they say. Your crochet work looks very good. I wrote down the Sansom name for my library list. Love the period and love mystery. Again, you are the absolute mistress of wonderful bargains.
The sewing machine looks immaculate. I know what you mean about spinning that wheel. You can tell at a touch! At this rate, though, I wonder if your taking out of the house will ever exceed your bringing into the house. My problem, exactly! Love,

Rowan said...

Your crochet looks very good, I wish I could do it - am supposed to be having lessons from my friend this autumn. I'm a CJ Sansom fan too and am waiting for his latest to come out in paperback!