Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Byegones in the Carreg Cennen longhouse

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Inside the 11th century longhouse was housed a collection of agricultural byegones. Some things were identifiable, some things I was familiar with. I have to admit though, I'd never heard of Cooper's Sheep Dip before . . . but obviously over 175 million sheep could once vouch for its efficatiousness (have I just invented that word?)
Odds 'n' sods. The red wheel looks like it came from a giant chaff cutter though - I used to use a smaller model when I was about 10 and used to spend the day at the riding school. How we never lost fingers I don't know . . . Health and Safety would have 40 blue fits these days!

An interesting prongy thing whose actual use is still under discussion . . .

Tip cart for dung, or mangel wurzels, or stones . . .

Of course there was a cat - who kept yelling at me!

Some old cart harness and two muzzles.

More bygone implements and machinery. I think the iron implement at the back was for treating sheep - or else for a Pushmepullyou . . . I read all the Dr Doolittle books when I was a lass . . .

Now I really DO know what this is, as I have the top half of one at home (and in very good condition too). I am working on my husband to make me up the base. It is a cream seperator, and has a star-shaped wheel. I know this as there is one in Carmarthen Museum.

A cooking pot in the old fireplace.

My daughter, the cat magnet! Puss did NOT want to move, thank you very much, he LIKED people!

An old Victorian mangle, washboards, old butter churn (I've got one of those too!) etc.

A corner with all sorts of once-useful items, now sadly rusted, broken or just plain filthy. I must confess, if I had a hand in this layout, I'd have cleaned some of the stuff up a bit - it was covered in the dirt of ages.

This is a box bed, where the parents might sleep to get some privacy. Nice and snug on cold winter nights, with a couple of the distinctive Welsh blankets and a nice wool-lined Welsh quilt on top.
On our way out - another view of the prongy thing . . .


Arlene Grimm said...

Jennie, you always have such interesting posts! Loved the kitty perched there as well.

Bovey Belle said...

Thanks Arlene - glad you enjoyed it anyway. I am just interested in all things OLD I guess!

Mam said...

Very interesting stuff! I agree with you. It would be nice to have it made up to look like someone was really using the things. Set up like a little household or something.

Rowan said...

Carreg Cennen looks a beautiful and interesting place - both the castle and the longhouse. I agree with you that whoever runs it could make more of the layout even if there isn't much money available. It just needs a bit of time and thought and effort. Fascinating though - and that's a great picture of your daughter and the cat:)