Thursday, 14 August 2008

Carew Castle & Tidal Mill

I have tried to find some pictures of Carew Castle I haven't shown before. Here is an excellent link which tells of the history of the castle and mill, and some of the people associated with the castle.

A view of one of the herb gardens at the entrance to the castle. I think they were divided into culinary, medicinal, scented, and strewing herbs.

The castle has had several revamps over the years.

The family coat of arms above a gateway.

Inside the inner ward.

This is the rather gloomy-looking undercroft, which was used mainly for storage.

The rather Baronial-looking great hall. Furniture was on the sparse side . . .

This must have been a wonderfully light room when it was added to the Castle in Elizabethan times.

The long view.

The Mill is one of the biggest I've seen, and beyond it a causeway crosses the river, so that, had we not been in a hurry, we could have walked a full circle.

A lovely Victorian house on the approach to the Mill.

The tide was out when we arrived.

A very unusual piece of equipment I've not seen in any other mill.

For some reason the local funeral bier ended up stored inside the Mill too . . .

When you read "stone-ground" on a bag of flour - this is what would have ground the wheat.

Fabric "funnels" channelled the wheat to a wooden container above the mill stones.


A view of some of the cogs which ran the mill machinery. It must have been incredibly noisy and dusty in here when the mill was in operation.

The spares . . .

Another cogs/wheels view.

The machinery is massive.


Rowan said...

I haven't heard of Carew Castle but it looks in very good shape, look forward to reading more about it. What a fascinating area you live in, so much history and so beautiful too.

Bovey Belle said...

Carew's "over the border" in Pembrokeshire, Rowan. It had a chequered history, so I shall do a little potted piece on it this evening - it took so long to get the photos up this morning, all I could run to was a link!