Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The end of an era

Itsy-bits . . .

I have been careful not to mention our horses on here. I'm not very good with reality, and not very good with having to let go either - I seem to have been doing an awful lot of letting go in the past two years, what with our daughters going off to Universities in the North of England, mum dieing last year, and now it is the horses leaving me. My darling boy, Fahly, went in June. Maggie will be going up to Scotland at the end of the month. Today little Itsy is going.

She came to us as a Rescue - someone had bought half a dozen unhandled yearlings from the killing pen at the local horse sale. Being a filly, she wouldn't have gone for meat, but she almost certainly would have gone for breeding, and not had a very enjoyable life. We were given her when she was 18 mths old, and still unhandled. She arrived scrawny and wormy, with a big fat tummy, and looked just like a spider, hence her name (from Itsy Bitsy Spider). Anyway, she has never done a great deal, being happy to be a companion to Fahly and Maggie. She has been gently broken in, but not done much at all, though I've had her shod and led her around the lanes this summer, with my middle daughter riding her. Now she is going to a family in North Devon, and is going to be a much-loved family pony. A family friend down there will be riding her out and getting her used to her new life, and schooled on.

Good Luck Itsy.


MrsL said...

Good luck Itsy from me too. Lovely photos, BB

Kim said...

She's a lovely pony, and will have a super time in Devon. Love and hugs to you both :)

Kim x

PS, the blog is looking super, with lots of lovely things to read.

Bovey Belle said...

Thanks Sarah. She loaded like a pro and has gone off to her new life, where she will be loved to bits. A great relief for me.

Leanne said...

aw, she is so sweet, its good you have found somewhere she will be happy.

Leanne x

Bovey Belle said...

Thanks Kim and Leanne - she's a super pony - just needed to find the right home. Trouble is, here in Wales you are spoilt for choice, and everyone wants the been there, done it all, worn out the t-shirt type, which Itsy is not.

Mam said...

My heart goes out to you as you let go. I've done a lot of it myself over the past few years and it can be a very heavy experience. I wish the very best for your horses as they go on to their next chapter. And, I really believe, your next chapter will be fulfilling and happy.

Bovey Belle said...

She is settling in well, and going for her first ride today now she has front shoes on again. Apparently she is very impressed by having THREE boyfriends to choose from!

Nancy - it seems to be my time for letting go at the moment. With Itsy it is quite positive as I want her to have some fun now, instead of just being a field ornament.