Saturday, 16 August 2008

The gentle Welsh monsoon . . . and counting blessings.

Our local river, in spate. It can rise and fall a matter of several feet in a couple of hours.

Ah yes, the season is upon us: I look out of my window on an August evening, thinking that on August evenings in years gone by we would sit on the patio with a glass of wine, talk about history, archaeology and how big the goldfish have got, as we sat and contemplated the midges attempting suicide by alcoholic excess.

I shall set the scene for you this evening: the apples on our old Bramley apple tree are profuse, despite a hefty June drop, and despite the fact the tree has been prone on the ground these past two years. The fish are still in the pond; Jaws is ever bigger, and a host of offspring nibble in the Canadian pond weed. The cats - those one or two who rashly decided to stay outside - are perched on the stone windowsills, wondering why on earth no-one has noticed they are there and let them in.

Me? I am sat in my little office, surrounded by my favourite books, prints and pictures, and looking at the increasingly torrential rain which tells me that August or not, the Welsh monsoon season has arrived. It arrived for the day last Saturday (when our local show is held up in the next village over), just testing the air to see if it could get away with further excesses. Obviously encouraged by the response, it has come back for a more prolonged effort. It was bad enough last week when I belatedly put in some well-grown plants which had been waiting to be planted for a good fortnight. The label on one said, "Prefers moist ground." I looked at the foot of water in the bottom of the hole I had just dug, and thought, "Just the spot then."

Not long now, and the local gossip will be turning to the flooding . . .

Encouraged by reading on another blog, of its owner regularly counting her blessings, and in view of the persistant rain outside, I have decided to do the same:

1. Truly, I need not worry about watering the vegetable garden, or complaining to my husband that really he should mow the lawn before it gets too long. OK - that WAS a little tongue-in-cheek.

Seriously now,

2. I met two lovely ladies from a forum I belong to when they came along to see whether our original rescue pony, Itsy, might be right for a horse-mad daughter. Today I received a phone call to say that she was. This is a big relief for me. Good homes are not easy to come by.

3. Since our phone (and everyone else in our hamlet) was affected by a big lightening strike locally, the internet connection has been SO much better as a faulty line has obviously been replaced. I have, for the first time, been able to view a short video on line from beginning to end. Amazing.

4. The short video was of Mamma-Mia and now I absolutely MUST go and see the film - it made me feel SO happy!

5. I have had a totally unexpected windfall (imagine something along the lines of a Monopoly card - the sort that says you have a tax windfall - take it straight to the bank before you spend it.)

6. I did backslide sufficiently to keep £16.24 of it back to pay for a super book on crochet and I can NOW UNDERSTAND A CROCHET PATTERN! (See post below for details). You have no idea how chuffed I am . . .

7. I have lost another pound in weight and my thighs would put Madonna's to shame for the muscle development from all the hill walking I've been doing recently.

8. I have more books than I can shake a stick at, and a big pile beside my bed, waiting to be read. Joy indeed.

As you see, I am easily pleased . . .


Arlene Grimm said...

Loved your crochet and recipes. I always wondered what mince meat is not very popular in the South but they serve it up North. My friend who lives in Ireland says it is raining there too. But she says they get rainbows quite it is fun to look for them.

Bovey Belle said...

Glad you enjoyed it Arlene. No chance of rainbows here today - just non-stop rain and no sun.

There is mincemeat and minced meat! Mincemeat is a sweet mixture for Christmas pies. The original mincemeat did actually have finely chopped meat in it, along with the sweeter mixture. "Mince" is what you would call "ground" meat I think - put through a mincer and comes out in thin strings which you cook up. I use it regularly, but use lamb mince rather than beef mince.

The crochet project is now about 8 laps done.

A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Just wanted to say Hi, found your blog a little while ago and enjoy visiting to see what you've been up to,stops me getting too homesick for wales.I've just ordered a crochet book from Amazon,not the same one though, hope it teaches me how to read patterns!Love your larder and all the lovely cakes you make.Best wishes from Annie x