Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Woodworking and an old stove

In the downstairs inglenook (we have two!), is this little Art Nouveau style stove, beautifully decorated with enamelled tiles and honeysuckle motifs. It needs a little restoration - the ash tray is off to have a fresh tray to replace the rusty old one - and a new flue pipe, but then it will warm the kitchen - currently my husband's woodworking workshop - using wood and/or anthracite. We had thought of selling it once - I'm so glad we didn't as it's so pretty and really suits the inglenook.

Here are a couple of photos of my husband and son working on a Medieval style bench to match the table I pictured a few weeks back (I will take photos together when finished). I love the way my formerly totally-disinterested-in-woodwork son is now taking an interest and learning from his father. As it should be.

These wedges will be hammered home to widen the pegs and hold them firmly in place.

Outside the kitchen, a mass of purple and pink tumble, and the perfume of the Buddleia is wonderful.


LBP said...

Jennie, that stove is absolutely amazing! It is beautiful. I am so glad you didn't sell it. I have thouroughly enjoyed seeing the photos of your home. I love it! (except the mummified mouse!).


happyone said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
You have a lovely blog and I have enjoyed reading some of it.
How cool to live in such an old house with so much history.
You have such beautiful country side to take walks in!!

Greentwinsmummy said...

wow your stove is STUNNING! that will be wonderful up & running you lucky thing!

Bovey Belle said...

We now have the ash pan restored and back (along with the hay box) - in fact it was the division removed from the hay box which has made the new base for the ash pan . . . We have a local chap who can "fettle" almost anything in metal. Clever chap - our very own Fred Dibnah!