Tuesday, 15 July 2008

My new Larder

Well it's finished, and didn't take my husband too long from start to finish, though he has built it to last! It wasn't quite how I imagined, but is just what I needed. The two dark bits of "worktop" are slate slabs we bought at auction a couple of years back for just £10. There is some more grey slate slab on the top shelf too, two pieces which were hanging about our farmstead.

The Elderflower Champagne (18 litres) and Elderflower Syrup are in plastic bottles at the far end. My jams and chutneys and pickles are in the nearer view. The two little tan coloured pots are my Elderflower Handcream, and just beyond them is a mesh cover to keep flies off food such as cakes or pies.
On the top shelf I have quite a few tins - beans, potatoes, fruit, sardines, tuna, soup etc. I have several weeks' supply. The white plank in the middle needs painting - it was last used when we had the kitchen floor up (new concrete base being laid) and so it is still splashed with concrete! It was just the right length though . . .

The preserves end. It will be added to this week as I got a box of bananas today (£1) and intend to make Banana Jam, for bartering for eggs!

This room is very much cooler than the rest of the house, and was an offshoot of the original Dairy (which became my mum's bed sitting room when she lived with us). It is built into the hillside and probably a constant temperature, and with the quarry tiled floor, absolutely perfect for a Larder. I am SO pleased with it, and the extra storage space it has freed up in my upstairs pantry. It is easy to see at a glance when stocks of anything are running low too.


Goosey said...

I am envious! I've always wanted a larder and have some marble slabs squirreled away outside in case I ever get one...they look like a pair of gravestones!...Oh well, theres always another use for them if the larder never happens!!! BW Goosey

Kelli said...

Your husband did a wonderful job on your new larder, Jennie! I love all of the storage space and your jars of jam look so nice all lined up!

Kim said...

That's a fabulous larder, BB, I'm sooo envious, but glad you're obviously enjoying it :)

Kim x

Greentwinsmummy said...

I have a huge slab of marble here that came from the old washstand when my nan & grandad moved into the house we left last year,it had been set to oneside by grandad & then sat in the cellar for years.I use it here to cover the worktop & it makes a nice surface for bakng/rolling etc on.
Never thought of it as a gravestone but yup! can see that LOL!!!
Larder looks wonderful BB,well done OH ;O)
I am finding my storeroom so useful although its badly postiioned at the south end sigh! never mind its fine for jarred,tinned & packet goods etc.

silversewer said...

Love it, love it love it.......

I have a similar arrangement in the only cupboard we have in the apartment, but I have to be careful what I store in it as there are heating pipes (I think) running down it, so its mostly for dry goods, tinned suff and packets. But it has freed up space in my cupboards in my tiny kitchen.

The cupboard also houses, part of my fabric stash, a tall plastic set of drawers with various bits and pieces in, a step ladder, tool box, shopping trolly, cool boxes, Dyson and has our coats hanging on the door. Oh I forgot and 2 computer bags......when I get am minute I will take a photo of it so you can all wonder at what I have managed to get into a cupboard.

Bovey Belle said...

That sounds like a generously-proportioned cupboard Silversewer! I grew up with a Larder (a cupboard under the stairs but with a small window on the outside wall side.) It was roomy enough for me to keep the sacks of feed in there for my first pony too!

GTM/Kim/Kelli/Goosey - I am like a kid with a new toy about it and there is much rolling of eyes from the rest of the family who think I am definitely a step-closer to the men in white coats!

Pixiedust said...

You lucky thing Jennie. That Larders fantastic. I'd love one, but it won't be happening in this house. Hopefully we might get the kitchen donw next year and I'l have a large floor to ceiling cupboard. Your jams and chutneys look fab, I must got on with mine. xxx