Friday, 4 July 2008

Back from my travels again

(Click on photos to enlarge)Phew - I'm back from "oop North" but my feet haven't touched the ground yet and daughter T and I start on a local Dig today (Roman stuff), so postings will be brief, which is a shame as I have SO many fabulous photos to share with you, and the normal witterings too of course.

Here's a couple of photos to go on with, from Powis Castle which I finally managed to visit yesterday, on the way home. The border plantings are absolutely STUNNING. More photos to follow.


Mam said...

Oh my goodness. These are fabulous. Can't help with the poppy, I'm afraid. Have missed you.

Rowan said...

Powis Castle is one of those gardens I've never visited but would love to see. On the enlarged version of the second photo it's obvious that the surrounding countryside is stunning too.