Saturday, 19 July 2008

Going back in time - York Minster

Right. Having had a fortnight and more where my time was not my own, I am hoping to get back to daily blogging again, though the computer still has to go back in to be tweeked again and at present I can't just load my photos off the camera, which is a real bane. My daughter manages to do it in a very roundabout fashion, but I don't know how.

I thought I would just put up a few photos of York Minster, as it was such an amazing place. I have quite a few more photos, but these will have to suffice until I can get the others loaded.

This was the most amazing piece of stained glass, but I have yet to check my bestiary and work out exactly WHAT beastie is being ridden - has a face like a lion, but hooves and not paws and he has a fierce face on the end of his tail!

Two of the windows in the Chapter House which had the most amazing atmosphere and energies.

Can you imagine working upside down making this?

More stained glass.

One of the beautiful little streets in the Shambles area of York.

A lovely cottage garden near the University.

Also near the University - pretty cottage and garden.


Leanne said...

jennie, this post is here twice, its further down as well! (on monday 14th!)

leanne x

Bovey Belle said...

I know Leanne - I was trying to change the publishing date of it in the wrong place and couldn't alter it until I'd copied and pasted it to a fresh post (today's). Then I found out where to cancel it and it said that ALL photos would go - e.g. from THIS post too, so we have an echo - it wasn't on there on Monday until today! Bear with me - it's called a senior moment . . .

Bovey Belle said...

In other words - I hadn't published it at all until today - just prepared it and added more to it today.

Leanne said...


proves i am awake though!!

Leanne x