Monday, 28 July 2008

Castle week

I am very very busy right now, so have decided to have a castle pics week and hope have time to write properly next week.

Here's our nearest local castle, Dryslwyn. If you've seen any of these photos before, tough! Most annoyingly, I can't find the best pics, which are the views of the Towy Valley from the top, the meanders in the river etc. May try and update later.


Goosey said...

Thats a little like Corfe Castle by the looks of it, nice photos

Josie said...

These "ghost structures" always conjure up all sorts of wild imaginings in my mind's eye of the stories and history they must have seen.

I really like the pic with the tree behind!

arlene said...

Jennie, I am missing you over at Seasonal Delights....hope all is well.

Kim said...

Beautiful pictures jennie, hope you are ok and hurry back soon.

Kim x